Anxiety Masterclass

Learn How To Feel, Deal & Heal Your Anxiety


Are You Tired of Suffering With Anxiety?

You may have tried to overcome anxiety alone. Listened to podcasts, videos and books to help you banish anxiety for good, but nothing seems to work. You have accepted that this is you and how you will live forever.

I have great news for you....It doesn't have to be this way!

I suffered with anxiety and panic disorder for years and thought the exact same thing..... until I created this system and it changed my life beyond my wildest dreams.This could be you too! Even if you are riddled with self doubt, limiting beliefs and feel like you are dying inside.

YOU CAN FEEL ALIVE!! I will show you how to alleviate anxiety, own your self worth, make fear your best friend and work towards becoming the best version of yourself!


✅ You feel like anxiety is taking over your life

✅ You feel lost and stuck

✅ You are stuck in a rut and don't know where to turn

✅ You are fed up of the physical symptoms that anxiety bring

✅ You've struggled with anxiety for years and want to transform

✅ Feel anxious more than you feel happy

✅ Worrying, fear and panic happens regularly

✅ You are committed to putting in the work to transform

✅ You want your life back


❌ You think that by doing this once, you will never have anxiety again. You have to implement the tools and techniques provided

❌ You are not committed to putting in the work

❌ You are not willing to adopt new techniques

❌ You are not happy to invest in yourself


✅You'll have an understanding of what anxiety really is & why you suffer

✅Excited for your future

✅Open to new ides and strategies

✅Being in control of your emotional & behavioural states

✅Happy that there is a better way to live your life

You will know what causes your anxiety and what triggers it

✅Excited that your mind is working with you and not against you

✅You'll have techniques of how to handle it in the moment

✅Relieved that you no longer have to feel stuck, lost & alone

✅Wanting to live a life of happiness from the inside out

✅Feel in control of your life and purpose

✅Be filled with confidence and positivity

✅Be able to give yourself the sufficient self-care that is needed


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A Message From Me To You

You've made it this far down the page, so you are definitely here for a reason.

I really want you to take a moment to think about what brought you to this page.

You know deep down that you want to change the way that you think and feel so can stop worrying about the small things in life that don't matter. You want to reach your highest potential but fear gets in the way. You overthink way too much, which causes anxiety which may even leads to panic attacks, but you don't know how to control it.

If you're afraid of trying something new, this is one reason why I have made this course... to get you out of your comfort zone. I want you to get out of the bad habits that you have created in your mind, to stop the limiting beliefs, to stop the overthinking which causes you stress and to put yourself first for once. Learn how to make yourself happy and how to control your mind, emotions and behaviours because self-love and care is so important. If you love yourself, you can then share it with others. Once you learn the techniques and tools of how you can learn about your anxiety and the things that you can do to transform it, you can then focus on living the life that you always dreamed of. The career, the business, the relationship, the finances. I want you to love yourself ands everything in your life

You're reading this for a reason, so let that reason be the first step for you to take charge of your life and to not let anxiety to become who you are!

I 100% believe in you, You can do this!

Cheryl xxxx

Your Instructor


Hey I'm Cheryl,

The founder & CEO of Cherylife Coaching and Goddess Energy.

It's my mission to help you manifest your dream life & to show you that you can have it all. The business, wealth, love & freedom. I am here to help you shift the narrative you have within yourself to help you build a life that you love. If you are looking for a coach who is authentic, honest & truly wants to help you succeed in all areas of your life. I am your mentor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on 16th March 2020 and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Who is this programme for?
Anybody who suffers with anxiety, limiting beliefs and self sabotage. If you want to learn how to control anxiety, re-train your mindset, make fear your best friend and to work towards becoming the best version of yourself, this is for you!

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